Matt Peters

Information Security Consultant

Matt began Threat Informant from a passion in IT Security, and a love of the constant evolution of technology. That passion has not waned, and is instead a pillar we all lean on even today.

Matt holds a CISSP certification and has been in IT security for 18 years

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Robbie Bechtold

Business Intelligence Engineer

As a "regexpert," Robbie dives into the dirtiest of data and extracts relevant information to provide customers with actionable insights.

Robbie holds certifications in Splunk Power User and CYSA+

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Marc Kvokov

Dev-ops Engineer

Marc handles maintenance and expansion of our network infrastructure, as well as refinement and streamlining of our procedure-heavy offerings. He helps turn our POCs into production-ready products.

Marc holds a CYSA+ certification

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Hannah Cristiano

Application Developer

Hannah handles both front and back-end for our products and custom applications we develop.

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