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Threat Intelligence



The industry veterans at Threat Informant have extensive experience with helping companies manage their security infrastructure and detect threats that would otherwise go unseen.

Advanced Threat Detection

It’s difficult for the best IT teams to keep up with the enormous about of security events being collected. Our team can comb through the logs and correlate data to generate actionable information.

Incident Response

Having experience in a variety of incidents, our team can coordinate, assist, or provide surge support to aid your organization during a security incident.  

Information Security Consulting

Our team has experience in deploying nearly every solution in the information security realm. We can work with your organization to achieve any goals you have in this space.

SIEM Solutions

Modern SIEM Solutions for a modern threat landscape

A solid Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution will give your organization a central point for storage and analysis of security logs.  Today’s networks have far too many security and network devices to expect IT enterprise staff to monitor without a centralized solution.  Between IDSs, Firewalls, Web Proxies, and more, centralized log collection and correlation has moved from being a convenience to a requirement.

Serious SIEMs give you the ability to not only collect logs but correlate, aggregate, alert, and even take action on security events.

Professional Services

SIEMs consume data from multiple network devices to produce actionable information.  At Threat Informant, we have deployed multiple SIEM solutions in multiple environments and configured the solutions with hundreds of different types of devices.

Threat Informant’s IT industry veterans can help you decide which SIEM fits your organization from a product agnostic viewpoint.  We understand the different needs of different organizations depending on the goals you are trying to achieve.  Our goal is to build the right system for the right objective.

SIEM Management

After a SIEM has been successfully deployed, our consultants are available to assist with database management and technical issues to ensure that your system remains reliable.  As new devices need to be added, or as your scope increases, Threat Informant will be there to assist you in meeting your goals.

About Threat Informant

Threat Informant is made up of a group of security researchers and a dedicated SOC staff. Due to our unique architecture, we receive data on new hacking and spam campaigns from around the world which is analyzed by our SOC environment.

Threat Research

Started as community based project, threat informant has evolved into a network of systems that give us the unique ability to monitor attacks and groups. Our systems are positioned so that we can profile malicious activity based on historical attack data. 


Our consultants have diverse experience in a variety of industries, but focus on the most critical assets. Threat Informant specializes in Critical Infrastructure and systems with highly sensitive data.  


Based in Anchorage, Alaska