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Threat Informant was established in 2015 to provide cybersecurity solutions exclusively to the Alaskan market. As a local provider, we are in tune with the needs and challenges of the community, protecting the enterprise from major threats while informing our clients and others with the latest in IT security knowledge.

Managed Security Services you can trust

Managed Security

Our main goal is to make sure your company and its data is secure and safe.

  • Incident Response & Surge Support
  • Managed SIEM & Logging
  • Managed Vulnerability Testing
Solutions Developed by Threat Informant

CyberSecurity Management Products

Threat Informant actively engages in advanced security research and develops products based on our findings and our needs that we have discovered while working with our customers. Our two latest releases are Hydrascan and Omnisiem.

Hydrascan tests your defenses like a real attacker. Instead of scanning a real system like a bull in a china shop, Hydrascan executes low and slow discovery scans, designed to bypass traditional security controls to show you what real attackers are seeing.

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Businesses must be constantly vigilant in their defense from outside attackers and malware; small and medium sized businesses being no exception. To properly combat these types of attacks, businesses need to have their logs and data from antivirus software, firewalls, and systems in a secure place, and must have the ability to readily access and analyze this information. Threat Informant developed OmniSIEM to make it easier for business of any size to implement a SIEM solution.

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  • Sun, Mar 24, 19

Making Splunk frozen data searchable

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  • Mon, Feb 18, 19

Log Management vs SIEM

What’s the difference between Log management and a SIEM? If we’re just breaking down the words Security Information Event Manager, it’s sounds like we can... more

  • Matt Peters
  • Mon, Jan 28, 19

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Threat Informant is made up of a group of security researchers and a dedicated SOC staff. Due to our unique architecture, we receive data on new hacking and spam campaigns from around the world which is analyzed by our SOC environment.

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