Hydrascan by Threat Informant

Instead of scanning a real system like a bull in a china shop, Hydrascan executes low and slow discovery scans, designed to bypass traditional security controls to show you what real attackers are seeing.

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Evasive Scanning

Hydrascan implements measures to probe the network undetected, providing an accurate view of your network from the perspective of an advanced attacker

"Vulnerability scanners typically use port numbers to say which service is which. Hydrascan makes no assumptions and isn’t fooled by simply changing the port number

Human Analysis & Variants

After scans have completed, analysts at Threat Informant will manually review the data and submit findings

Where normal vulnerability scanners look like a bull in a china shop, Hydrascan will execute tests in a slow and random fashion to determine a likelihood of a vulnerability

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Scan TimeSpan Flexibility

Though Hydrascan can scan much faster than a normal scanner, it is designed to scan slowly over weeks or months to be safe and stealth

Hydrascan learns about what is normal for your network. If most systems seem IPS protected except one RDP service on port 10000, it will flag that as serious.