OmniSIEM by Threat Informant

Hassle free distributed security monitoring.

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Bandwidth Savings

OmniSIEM is uniquely designed to provide customers with control over how and when their log data is shipped.

In situations where bandwidth is limited OmniSIEM can expedite certain security logs while holding other data that can be shipped after hours.

Flexible License

Network environments are constantly changing, so it’s only natural for security systems to provide hassle free accommodation for these changes.

OmniSIEM allows clients to easily update their licensing to reflect their network and even provides flexible overages for occasional spikes in log collection.

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Log Management

OmniSIEM provides businesses with effortless log collection, analyzation, and storage from any device attached to the network. Data is stored for a minimum of 1 year but can easily be increased based on a company’s compliance needs.

This gives clients the ability to track down security incidents while also meeting compliance standards.