Managed Security by Threat Informant

Threat Informant provides customers with comprehensive managed detection and response serivces to counteract the growing threat landscape. Aided by our custom algorithms, our analysts proactively monitor log data from multiple sources to hunt for new threats and interesting activity.

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Experts Included

Effective cybersecurity monitoring comes down to separating the signal from the noise. Our team learns and and understands your organization to react to the threats that are most critical to your business.

As the the saying goes "security is a process not a product". While you may have aqcuired every product you need for your environment, what may be missing is the analysis and response. Threat Informant brings years of security experience to provide input on logs

Platform Included

Threat Informant is vendor agnostic and can manage your existing security solutions or we can implement the our solutions that we have custom developed to help us better protect your assets.

From our work with our clients, we have found key areas where we could provide value by creating our own software solutions. We listened and understood what customers were asking for and developed products around those needs that were also informed by our security research.

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