Incident Response and Surge Support

Incidents are a stressful situation and are not the right time to be working through budgeting and logistics. Work with Threat Informant before an incident occurs to make sure you are Incident Response Ready

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Incident Response

When an incident does arise, you need to be confident that your security team can respond quickly so that you can get back to business with minimal disruption. When every second of downtime costs you thousands of dollars, you need to have confidence that the incident can be addressed quickly and effectively.

  • Identify the threat and its origin

  • Determine the scope of the threat

  • Determine your current state of security

  • Strategize a course of action in order to secure your company and data

  • Implement controls to neutralize current threats and prevent further damage

IR Ready

The right time to prepare for an incident is before it occurs. In our experience, organizations that suffer the most during an incident are those that are missing the proper logging because they cannot accurately determine the scope of the incident. This is why Threat Informant has developed our IR ready program.

With IR Ready, Threat Informant will provide a framework for managing incidents and put controls into place to ensure that we are able to determine the scope of the incident if needed. Critical logs needed for forensics are archived offsite for review if needed. Response plans are prepared ahead of time and tabletop exercises conducted to ensure that all parties are ready in the event of an incident

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