Join us at ArcticCon 2019

Join us at Alaska's own IT security conference to learn from industry experts and do some hands-on hacking in the villages.

Alaska's Own IT security conference

Our team loves the big IT Security conferences like Defcon, Blackhat and Shmoocon and we wanted to bring that experience to Alaska. We teamed up with our friends and partners to put on the first ArcticCon conference in 2017 and it turned out to be a hit.

Now ArcticCon is still growing and attracting new sponsors, speakers and even attendees from out of state.

ArcticCon Villages

It's one thing to go to a lecture and learn something new, but it's a whole other experience to try it out for yourself. At ArcticCon we put on villages to give attendees hands-on experience with breaking into networks, picking locks, or even touring the darkweb